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Pierre's visit in Switzerland during the summer '07

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Latest news

21.8 '07: The 'Latest News' are discontinued. Please refer to His 'diary' !
29.7 '07: Pierre landed today 34 minuts ahead of schedule in Zurich !
14.6 '07: WANTED: a touring bike is seeked for for the duration of Pierre's stay

We are looking for a touring bike for Pierre. Ours will be kept busy by the support group (Christine and myself) and the high-tech bike Pierre is considering taking with him does not appreciate dirt-roads or rough surfaces.
Could anyone lend him for this time period? - At least 15 gears, a gear rack and fenders would be appropriate.

8.6 '07: SHORTAGE: the country might run out of Cervelats !

The nation may possibly run out of its most famous nutrient: Cervelats !
Please refer to the links below for more information.
swissinfo.org und NZZ, (english window).

15.2 '07: Pierre has got his plane ticket. - Good point !

Here his e-mail from this morning (original text, no translation no dubbing no anything):

Die Huette sieht sehr idyllisch aus.Vielen dank.-So habe mir heute ein ticket besorgt.Werde am 30.7 um 7.50am mitSQ346 ankommen und am 6.9. wieder abschleichen.Habe keinen bart mehr waere warscheinlich auch ziemlich grau.Werde ein paar tage in zuerich ruhen und dann ueber solothurn QUER DURCH DIE SCHWEIZ radeln.Die gewichtslimitte muss ich beruecksichtigen.Wahrscheinlich alle kleider im flugzeug anziehen.
Greetings Pierre